Adventures On Nature’s Roller Coaster

White Water Rafting is a leisure sport indulged in by daring individuals, where many persons occupy a raft which is then steered over a rapid moving water body.

For individuals who are adventurous by nature and are out looking for a unique activity for their next vacation, White Water Rafting is the name of the game. It’s got the movement, it’s got the thrill, it’s like a roller-coaster ride with Nature and it’s in the great outdoors. What more could any adventure-lover ask for?

The most significant feature of white water rafting is to make certain that you are piloted down the stream or river by a professional escort, who is aware of the water and also knows how to maneuver the boat.

These professionals are known as White Water Rescue or Swift-Water technicians and are qualified in C.P.R, advanced first aid and other general rescue procedures. Though white water rafting is a safe and a popular sport and all the precautions like life vests and helmets are compulsory attire, there is still a dearth of trained professionals in this field and it is always safer to have a qualified professional if something untoward should happen.

White water rafting is a sport which is enjoyed by the able bodied and people with disabilities alike. It is no longer a rare sight to see people with special needs or disabilities enjoying the sport with normal people and the only precaution that needs to be taken is that the attire is comfortable and convenient to allow you free movement. Why you might even see a family where the grandparents enjoy the thrill of the rapids as much as their grand-kids do.

Rafting trips depend on the kind of amenities organizers provide along with how long the trip is, how well equipped and well qualified the guide, the rate per person and gratuity and rent for the equipment. It is always recommended to inquire about all these factors before finalizing the trip to avoid any hassles later on. Discounts are offered to groups, students and corporates, so if the number of people in a group is high it is always worthwhile inquiring about it.

People who are great white water enthusiasts prefer a multi-day trip and carry their gear for the night with them and sleep on the embankment while others prefer trips that start out in the mornings and have them back at their base camps or vehicles in the evening.

It is always better to plan a white water rafting trip when the weather is at its best and that depends entirely on the country you choose to go to. One can always find out the details about the rain, snowfall, heat and the release of water from the lakes or weir.

If it is not possible to get this information on your own then the best option would be to go by the advice of the organizers of the trip. Just make sure you carry clothes appropriate for the season.


Sankar is an author, journalist, and backcountry ranger. He has hitchhiked ten thousand miles across India, paddled one thousand miles across all over India, and walked 1,700 miles across the North, in this website I express my views about my traveling.

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