Popular Myths About Solo Traveling

Have you ever experienced this situation where you never get to explore a place because of someone? Or have you missed the chance to try a tasty street food, because your companions wanted something different? Here solo traveling comes as a blessing in disguise. You have the privilege to pick where you want to go and what you like to do. There are no plans to keep up with or folks to please! You can visit any place and stay there as much as you like without any time frame. Do a simple vine testing or take up a cooking class and learn some new recipes which you can boast when you are back to home.

Solo Travel Takes Too Much Planning

Surprisingly, it is very much easier to plan for a solo vacation than for a group travel. There will be not much planning involved as you make your own plans which can be altered anytime. You need not change your plans for someone else. You can take extra time to take a walk or to watch a monument in peace. No one can force you to do anything which you don’t like to do. You can even do nothing and take a peaceful nap in your room, watch your favorite shows or read your favorite romance novel. You are the master of your decisions take you take in a solo trip. You don’t need to stress more about itinerary planning on a solo vacation. Enjoy your trip at your own pace without any hindrance.

Solo Travel is for Single People

Most people think that solo vacationers don’t have any friends or close associate and that’s the reason for traveling alone. You don’t need a companion to explore new places or learn something new. It is good to spend some time for ourselves rather than spending it with others. Traveling solo is the best chance to explore yourselves and vent your hidden emotions. It is easier to make a plan and execute it if you are traveling alone. Moreover, you can save your budget with minimal expense from your side. So, don’t worry what others may think about you, just relax your trip. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy an awesome solo trip.

Solo Travel is not for Introvert

Many people have the perception that people who are brave, independent and extrovert can alone go for a solo trip. It is easier to meet new people, visit unknown places and tasting new things when you are traveling alone. It is not mandatory to be courageous to go on a solo trip. If you are planning an adventurous trip, do it when you are alone to enjoy it to the fullest. You do not need a timetable or somebody’s permission to enjoy the little things in your life. Don’t panic if you don’t know the local language. The locals are mostly friendly and will definitely help you with navigation. Don’t think about any barriers that affect your trip. In contrary, solo trips make you an extrovert person.

You have to Eat Alone

It is not necessary to be surrounded by people to have a nice brunch or dinner. You can relish your favorite eateries in absolute silence without any distractions. You will be too involved in the surroundings to notice that you are dining alone. You don’t need to compromise your decisions to try something new because of someone else. You can dine whenever you want whatever the time it may be. Instead of eating in a posh restaurant, try out street shops that serve authentic local foods at reasonable rates. You will definitely not regret the choice of eating alone after your solo trip.

You Will Feel Homesick

Sure, sometimes we all feel homesick when we are away from our family and loved ones. But it doesn’t mean that you will not enjoy your trip because of this reason. It takes great effort to be comfortable in your own company. You can get along with other solo travelers which will take away your feeling of being lonely. Stay in a hostel or dormitory where you can meet people from different backgrounds. You can learn a few new things and explore more places. Involve yourselves in local communal activities like hiking tour, yoga, boat trip or some other activities that make your trip fruitful.


Sankar is an author, journalist, and backcountry ranger. He has hitchhiked ten thousand miles across India, paddled one thousand miles across all over India, and walked 1,700 miles across the North, in this website I express my views about my traveling.

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